1. Make sure your sections are around 2-3cm. We are using a curling iron here.
  2. We start with the section closest to the ear with the rest clipped up. Curl back and away from your face. 
  3. Now take your next section down and clip the hair back up. Again, stay within the 2-3 cm section rule!
  4. For this section you’re going to curl the opposite way using your wand. When you use a wand you hold the end piece out while the rest is being curled, so it’s automatically going to leave your ends looking straighter, witch gives it that beach hair look.
  5. Switch back to the curling iron. 
  1. One more time with the wand, wrapping the hair toward the face.
  2. Then you would  do the opposite side the same way. This look is great for both side partings and hair parted in the middle. 
  3. Once you’re completely finished, don’t brush the hair. Take your serum and pomade and mix them together in your palms until they’re nice and blended. Work that mix through from middle to ends!

Finished result , back and front. 




1. section in your hair in two or three sections depending on how thick your hair is. 

2. Keep the iron in and angel where the bottom of the iron is facing up. 

3. Each "curl" should be between 2 and 3 cm thick. 

4. Slowly turn the iron 180 degrees while dragging it slowly down on each section. 

5. After curling the bottom part of your hair , you do the same on the top part. In the front of your face you curl backwards. For a polished look, curl all your curls the same way until you reach the middle of your back head, then do the same on the other side. 

6. After curling all your hair, lightly spray with hair spray and comb through. I like to apply serum to the ends for a glossy look! 

Easy peasy :)






Sometimes I find it hard to style shorter hair, and I always get asked about that. This is a great idea that is super easy and works on most hair types. 

Put the hair behind your ears in a low ponytail and secure using an elastic. You’ll leave both sections from the front/sides out. If your hair is really thick , be careful not to use too big sections from the front, as they will be harder to conceal. 

Take both side sections and twist them into a half knot.

Now take those two pieces and wrap them around the ponytail and under.

Use small/strong bobby pins to secure the remaining pieces under the ponytail. We kind of “stuffed” the longer bits up underneath the base of the ponytail before bobby pinning.

For this look I used the smallest ghd curling wand to make the style a little more messy. But this works great with straight hair as well. If you choose to leave it straight its important to be more careful when making the ponytail as it will look better with less fly aways. 

Finish off with hair spray. 


Styling: Maja Marikken

Photo: Kristina Cronfelt Aasen

Model: Maja Marikken





After cutting Majas hair into a long bob we had lots of questions on how to style it. There are many ways to style both a bob and a lob; you can go both curly and sleek. This tutorial however is for more of a messy look. 

  1. Begin by clipping up your first section.
  2. Using ghd curling iron (or similar product), curl pieces both away and towards the face.
  3. Clip up your next section above that one.
  4. Do the same thing here
  5. Let the last section down
  6. This section will be curled backwards/away from the face 
  7. Do the same thing on the other side. Add a veil of lightweight hairspray all over for a little extra support. 
  1. Work your hands through the hair in a scrunching motion.
  2. You’ll start to see a tousled but pretty texture emerge. Here we used a mix between a the smooth and sleek cream and shine serum from ghd. 
  3. Then we used a styling brush from ghd and comb trough the hair a couple of times to get rid of that Shirley Temple look.

Hopefully this will help a little bit for all of you that decided to cut your hair. It is a really easy and fun way to style both LOBS and BOBS out there !