Kalisi tape extensions:

Our tape extensions are quality hair extensions that are easy to work with and available through fair pricing.

We have focused on the effectiveness of applying the hair, and developing a gentle tape system to use. 

Our tape hair extensions are top of the line hair extensions in 100% Remy quality from India (known for having the strongest and healthiest hair). We do our best to secure fair trade principles and travel regularly to Asia to make sure of this.

"Kalisi Hair" is the first product released in the Kalisi product line. Hair extensions were a natural first product to start producing as we couldn't find another supplier to satisfy our quality standards.



Per package: 2 000 ,- NOK (250 USD)

* A full set of hair is usually 2 - 2,5 packages. One package is usually enough for volume. 

* Students pricing is 1 750,- NOK per package.


- Book an appointment with us in Oslo, or ask your local hair dresser about our products. Consultations are free of charge.

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Kalisi clip-on extensions:

Our clip-on extensions are affordable hair extensions which are easy to clip on and off by yourself. Perfect for events, photo shoots or every day occasions.

The extensions are 100% natural hair from India.

Kalisi clip-on extensions will add natural volume and length to your hair within minutes. By them online, and apply them by yourself. 



Per package: 650 ,- NOK (80 USD)

* Each package is 90 grams of hair. One package adds natural volume to your hair, two packages are recommended for full length.  

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