Kalisi tape extensions by Maja Marikken are top of the line hair extensions made of 100% pure indian remy hair. We focuse on making hair extensions that are easy to apply, blends perfectly with your own hair and is gentle in use.



 Before & after

Before & after

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"Long, soft tresses with Kalisi made e feel like Rapunzel herself. Marikken was super skilled with color and was keen to choose the right amount of hair for just me . In addition, you are greeted with a big smile. Love it"

- Jenny

"I have put on hair here three times now . First time I was tape - virgin , and was super annoyed and disappointed when my hair was a big tangle in the bottom of fasteners . Went to another salon to remove those , but should have gone to Marikken (Kalisi owner) immediately. Although it smelled angry customer long way I was welcomed with a big smile , and everything worked out . No damage to my own hair rather ☺ I work in the service industry and guarantee that you won't find better service! Also remember that I was surprised by the quality of the hair when comparing prices with Kalisi compared to others. Can be safely recommended further ! Thumbs up! ☺ (For the skeptic : If you read it here and think that it's sponsorship of any kind in the picture , please send me a PM )"

- Selina

"Must just say me very satisfied with the hair and the service at Kalisi ! :) Absolutely super quality ! Recommended very to anyone considering extensions :) worth testing out !"

- Camilla

"Sooo happy! Thank you so much Marikken".

- Agnes

"Incredibly happy ! Best I 've tried all tape systems :)"

- Mina

"Fantastic hair quality ! :)"

- Kristin