Lauryn Evarts

K: Tell us about yourself  (facts) : Name , birthday , birthplace , occupation, current living situation etc.

Lauryn Evarts

May 21st


Blogger & vlogger

Living with my fiancé, Michael and two chihuahuas in San Diego and LA ( we go back and forth! )

Dream destination ?

Santorini, Greece…& the moon.


Favorite food?

Guacamole...chips...spicy salsa...skinny margaritas!


Dream job as a kid ?

Babysitter! HA! Until I was 10. I never had a dream job, I could never comprehend working for someone else. I sort of thought I was lazy until I realized I just needed to find my passion. Once I found my passion, I found my dream job.


Guilty pleasure ?

Definitely chilled white wine on a hot summer day with a full-on HUGE order or spicy pasta.


What is your definition of beauty?

Someone that’s completely themselves. A mover & a shaker. Someone who makes things happen!


Favorite beauty tip/trick ?

Tinting my eyebrows. I love to do it at home. It’s like $9.99 and makes all the difference. Also, I always brush my eyebrows UP! : )


Secret hair tip ?

Texturizing spray! It makes ALL the difference. Seriously, it makes your hair effortlessly chic.  

Favorite excerise?

The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide! It’s 27 minutes!

Super easy : ). I love to do it 3 days a week mixed with Pilates and cardio.


What are you most proud of that you accomplished :

Writing a book. The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide has been so cool to see on shelves. I’m super happy about it. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Favorite place to work out? (gym , class etc) .

In front of the TV watching Real Housewives OR listening to an entrepreneurial podcast!


Who or what inspires you ?

I gain inspiration through Pinterest, Instagram, friends, family, doctors, current events...everything! Everything is inspiring if you let it be!





Instagram: @theskinnyconfidential



Snapchat: laurynevarts



Twitter: @theskinnyshow