How to get big volume with a blow dryer

1. Start with wet hair, and use a product with hold in the roots. I used a foam from GHD, that holds volume and curls really well without being sticky.

2. Blow-dry your hair in different directions, getting as much volume to the roots as possible.

3. Section of the top part of your hair. 

4. Using the nozzle on the blowdryer and a round brush, start blow drying the bottom parts. I usually go upwards when I want a lot of volume. 

4. After blowdrying a section, hold the "curl" for around 10 sec to let it cool down.

5. Hair spray each section.

6. Do this on all of your hair, finishing with the front. I like to blow dry the front section and the back section different ways to get a  a lot of volume on the top.  


8. Comb your hair using a brush or your fingers, depending on how much curls you want. 

9. Use a serum on the ends,