How to get super curly hair

This is one of our more requested tutorials, and all you need is a small curling iron and some patience. It's easy but it takes some time. The curls hold really well so you can pull this look off for a couple of days; all you need is some dry shampoo. 

1. I usually start with straight hair, and section around half of it away. 

2. Then I take a tiny piece of hair and wrap it around the small curling iron. The smaller curling iron you have, the smaller the curls will turn out. 

3. I curl the hair in different directions, starting really close to my scalp. (Be careful not to burn yourself ). That is how you get the "afro like" result. 

4. After finishing with the curling iron, I recommend to use a little hairspray and a light serum to define the curls.