How to create beach waves


  1. Make sure your sections are around 2-3cm. We are using a curling iron here.
  2. We start with the section closest to the ear with the rest clipped up. Curl back and away from your face. 
  3. Now take your next section down and clip the hair back up. Again, stay within the 2-3 cm section rule!
  4. For this section you’re going to curl the opposite way using your wand. When you use a wand you hold the end piece out while the rest is being curled, so it’s automatically going to leave your ends looking straighter, witch gives it that beach hair look.
  5. Switch back to the curling iron. 
  1. One more time with the wand, wrapping the hair toward the face.
  2. Then you would  do the opposite side the same way. This look is great for both side partings and hair parted in the middle. 
  3. Once you’re completely finished, don’t brush the hair. Take your serum and pomade and mix them together in your palms until they’re nice and blended. Work that mix through from middle to ends!

Finished result , back and front.