The *lob* (Long Bob) is said to be the hair style of 2015. That's good news for all of us that has a hard time growing out our own hair. This look is fun and super easy to style. It looks good both sleek and messy. Great for those mornings when all you have time for is brushing your teeth. 

Still, there is a couple of bumps in the road before getting that IT look :

We have always loved BOB hair styles in all forms, and we've all had a fair share of them. Usually it ended up in disappointment, but why? What looks so good with most bob hair styles is the heavy front. Or at least a good amount of hair in the front. Here at Kalisi we've gone through different stages with over bleached and damaged hair, still growing out the bangs we cut like 5 years ago or having hair so thin that a nice BOB seemed impossible to achieve. Having spent a lot of time wondering how it is that all the celebrities seems to have that same thick hair that looks so wonderful with this particular hair style we now found the answer! 

It didn't occur to us that they have a ton of extensions in to make that happen. When you think of extensions you think long hair, or a thicker mane. We didn't think to cut it into a bob or in this case a lob . 

Under you can see the difference between a "bob" without any extensions and the end result AKA a "lob" with faux hair put in . It is kinda amazing right?